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Trends in Carpet

Trends in Carpet offers beautiful, fashion-forward styles of carpet tile at an affordable price. The unique designs of Trends in Carpet tiles can be installed in quarter-turned or brick methods to give a room more depth and texture. Perfect for residential and commercial installations, Trends in Carpet has been engineered with a superior tuft lock and strong edges to keep your floor looking great longer.


Modern Looks
Modern Looks
High fashion patterns inspired by the latest industry trends in carpet tile.
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
Whether using quarter-turned or brick installation, carpet tiles are easily placed into position and can be trimmed using a sharp blade.

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Desert Castle TCP845001
Alloy TCP845007
Cultivated Earth TCP845008
Fired Steel TCP845009
Sienna TCP845010
Night Mission TCP845013


Sterling TCP887001
Arrowhead TCP887002
Harvest TCP887033
Relic TCP887039
Nocturnal TCP887040
Gladiator TCP887031